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"I'm sorry, did this belong to you?"
Classification Adventurer
Armour Type Medium
Role Stealth, Offense

The Thief is a master in stealth and surprise. They move stealthily among their opponents and strike them quickly using a wide array of traps, tricks, and venom to ensure their victory.

While not heavily armored, they compensate with agile fighting style and a large burst damage


[edit] Background

The profession is a complete remake of the Assassin from Guild Wars : Faction, released in 2006.

[edit] Skills

See the main article, Thief Skills

[edit] Initiative

Initiative is a Thief skill combat resource. It replaces the cooldown on weapon skills, making it easier for the thief to chain attacks. When a weapon skill is used, it will consume a certain number of initiative. Initiative will replenish every 1.67 seconds.

[edit] Stealing

Its Thief's special ability, located above the skill bar and lets the user shadow step to the enemy and steal one item from them, giving him an additional skill. The items stolen from other players are not actually taken from inventory. The skill changes depending on the profession they steal from.

[edit] Weapons

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