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"Evil threatens Tyria, but our Dream will guide us through darkness... to dawn."
Home Instance Dreamer's Terrace in The Grove.
Racial Skills


[edit] Personal Story

During the character creation the sylvari will be asked three questions which will determine your personal story

  • What quest did they dream of.
  • What is the most important Ventari teaching.
  • In what cycle of the day they were born in.

[edit] History

[edit] Physiology

They are omnivorous humanoid plants closely resembling the human with various plant features, slimmer builds and a bit shorter in size.

[edit] Religion

The sylvari are skeptical about the existance of the 6 human gods . They worship the Pale Tree but look at him as a parent not a god. The Ventari's Tablet is also considered a prophet to the sylvari.

[edit] Government

The Pale Tree and four of the firstborn lead the sylvari. Aife taking the leadership as a diplomat, Nimah taking care of the organization and protection of The Groove, Malomedies teaching the newly awakened sylvari and Kahedins the one in charge of guiding the sylvari people.

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