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"We fight for our homes, our Gods, and our Queen. Nothing can break our spirit."
Home Instance Salma District in Divinity's Reach
Racial Skills

Once the most dominant race of Tyria, they have now been reduced in population and can now be found living in a couple of major cities including Divinity's Reach which is the starting locations for players who choose to play as Human.


[edit] Personal Story

During the character creation for a Human you will be asked three questions which will help determine your personal story.

  • Your characters social status
  • What your biggest regret is
  • Which of the Six Gods you are blessed by

[edit] History

At the end of the original Guild Wars, humanity was still the most dominate race in Tyria but not without strife and dire tolls taken on the population. The toll taken on humanity was great and it seemed as though the race was in a decline over the past 250 years.

The war with the Charr still continues but there are certain cities in which both Human and Charr are neutral to each other; more so with the ever growing threat of the Elder Dragons.

It is noted in the book Edge of Destiny that the Charr are trying to overtake the fortress of Ebonhawke.

[edit] Physiology

There is no differential between the physiology of Humans in Guild Wars 2 than there is with actual real world Humans.

[edit] Religion

There are six gods in Human religion, each foreshadowing a different spectrum from war, healing, death, and nature. The gods are,

[edit] Government

The human race is governed by a monarchy and a body of ministers. The ministers create and uphold laws under the name of the Queen. The system was a temporary solution after the events of the first game and the refugees of Ascalon but has since been adapted as the sole form of government.

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