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"I'd explain it all to you, but a demonstration would be more useful"
Classification Adventurer
Armour Type Medium
Role Support

The Engineer is a master of mechanics and utilize explosives, gadgets, elixirs and turrets to their disposal. The role is that of a supporting class using their array of items and skills such as turrets to help with crowd control.

They can only use one weapon at a time but they are offset by being able to equip special utility and healing kits which will provide them with special weapons and items such as backpacks loaded with different set of skills to replace their main skill set.


[edit] Background

This is the first time in the Guild Wars series that the profession has been available. Area Net revealed the Engineer on May 19th, 2011.

[edit] Skills

See the main article, Engineer Skills

[edit] Backpack Kit

These kits are a utility that allows for new skills to be used and replaces the Engineers current weapon skills for more specific skills.

Kit Description
Bomb Satchel.jpg Bomb Satchel A satchel that lets you throw bombs
Grenade Satchel.jpg Grenade Satchel A satchel that allows you to throw grenades
Unknown.gif Med Kit
Unknown.gif Mine Kit
Unknown.gif Tool Kit

[edit] Weapon Kit

The weapon kits are utility skills that allow the Engineer to equip new weapons which also come with their own set of unique skills.

Kit Description
Flamethrower.jpg Flamethrower A short range AOE kit
Unknown.gif Elixir Gun

[edit] Turrets

A turret is a deployable item at the Engineers disposal to help with crowd control. When deployed the slotted skills are replaced with an overcharged version. In an excerpt from Guild Wars an example is given as;

an engineer can deploy a Thumper Turret to cause AOE damage, and then activate the overcharge version of that skill for a big thump attack that knocks down nearby enemies
Type Description
Rifle Turret.jpg Rifle Turret
Unknown.gif Thumper Turret
Unknown.gif Net Turret
Unknown.gif Flame Turret
Unknown.gif Rocket Turret
Healing Turret.jpg Healing Turret

[edit] Weapons

[edit] Two Handed

[edit] Main Hand

[edit] Off Hand

[edit] Aquatic

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