Elementalist Concept Art.jpg
"Fire, Air, Earth, and Water. I can deal death with any of them"
Classification Scholar
Armour Type Light
Role Support

The Elementalist is able to channel the forces of nature for their destructive purposes; this includes Fire, Air, Earth, and Water. Spells can be used from range and with some devastating AOE attacks. However, what they have in power they lack in Armour.

Like the Engineer this class is limited to a primary weapon which can be switched for different sets of skills that allows for a more robust playing experience.


[edit] Elements

The Elementalist uses four different elements, each with their own benefits.

[edit] Fire

With the attunement of fire the Elementalist deals scorching damage to single or multiple enemies by turning the ground to fire or by raining down a hale storm of molten embers. When using fire, any enemy that causes melee damage will suffer fire damage.

[edit] Air

Attuning with Air allows to harness the power of the wind; this also includes the usage of Lightning based spells.

[edit] Water

When using the Water attunement it foregoes damage like Fire or Air in favor of crowd control such as controlling an enemies movement and adds status effects. Allies who are next to Elementalists using Water receive continuous healing.

[edit] Earth

For a deffensive attunement, Earth allows the Elementalist to defend themselves if they've taken unwanted agro. There are also party beneficial spells such as giving your allies 'Stone Skin'.

[edit] Spells

[edit] Glyphs

These are arcane spells that enhance the natural power. Using Glyphs you can increase attributes such as damage, range, and duration of spells.

[edit] Signets

Items that beneficially affect and Elementalist when equipped. When an Earth Signet is equipped, damage resistance is raised and when the Signet is activated a wave of stones is flung towards nearby enemies.

[edit] Conjure

used to conjure spells to summon items or weapons which you or your party members can use.

[edit] Area

Using the terrain to your advantage you can cast Area spells. When casting a Fire based Area spell you can put up a wall of fire in which deals burning damage to enemies who pass through.

[edit] Weapons

[edit] Two Handed

[edit] Main Hand

[edit] Off Hand

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